"Nola Beldegreen is unequivocally a gifted speaking coach.
Actually, speaking coach seems an understated title, for what Nola is capable of coaching one to do transcends the realm of public speaking;
it refines one's entire presence in life..."
- SDR, Mother, Teacher, Artist

- - -

"Best program for the money" - SL, Consultant

- - -

"This training paid for itself the first day on the job" - BB, Sales

- - -

"Nola totally recognized my speech, delivery and focus.
As a result I gave a speech with ease instead of anxiety and fear. Thank you for helping me find my voice."
- MM, Entrepreneur

- - -

"After six months of no job, I received two job offers after four sessions with Nola. Thank You!" - DW, College Graduate, Tech Expert


6- Session Effective Speaking Series

This 6-Session group series helps students and professionals become effective speakers through the use of the latest techniques and exercises and coaching. It also creates awareness of nonverbal language, talking points and etiquette training, all of which builds stronger communication and success.

Public Speaking Mentorship

Need interview coaching or speech mentoring one-on-one?
Private sessions provide individualized attention tailored to your schedule. This is an opportunity to gain confidence and better communication skills, allowing you to reach your goals at a quicker pace.


Interview Training & Presentation development

Nola will help you hone in on curated and targeted content for a successful interview. You will learn to dot the I's and cross the t's before you step into your meeting.