Sales and Training

“Sales keep a company alive. A trained work force grows customers. I teach how to do both well to get lasting and repetitive results.” Nola Beldegreen

The sales process is comprehensive. A company is selling something and a buyer is interested. What transpires ensues sharing facts, understanding the customer’s need and creating a connection. People do business with people that they like (vs. not). They refer new business leads too. At Nola Speaks we listen carefully to the challenges and problems management identifies, working together to transform the team and customer service skills. Here’s a sample of what we cover:

  • Why stumble remembering someone’s name. Our “recall” techniques work 9 out of 10 times.

  • Does your speaking voice reflect confidence and enthusiasm? We teach both intonations.

  • If your staff had a customer “selling” script or a sales training manual, would those tasks become easier and more consistent for them? We can write those for you.

  • Do talking points for a meeting slip your mind? Or would a To Do List recite faster without notes? Solve these nagging issues using “mnemonic techniques”. Nola Speaks teaches this fun and easy method.

  • We help your team identify their challenges with sales and arrive at creative solutions that impact the sell-to-close process. We help to highlight the benefits of your product or service. 

  • The razzle dazzle of “showmanship” keeps audiences engaged. Why not learn it to build client interest and get sales calls?

  • Discover how to run a meeting effectively. Save time and leave quicker with solutions.

  • Do you know your client’s business and challenges? Since selling includes being helpful, there’s an art to good listening skills that build good human relations. Learn how with Nola Speaks.

“Nola Beldegreen worked with our team at Edge Auto Rental. She developed and implemented a training process, helped us write a new sales and training manual, and set guidelines to facilitate a positive environment for employee growth…We have seen significant growth as a company thanks to her coaching.” William Harris, Co-Owner, Edge Auto Rental