About Nola


"People often ask me about my name, which I love. My parents chose it from a song. I pronounce it with a certain intonation so it will be remembered.” Nola Beldegreen

Looking for clues that led her to become a communications coach, Nola remembers being drawn into The David Susskind Show broadcast on a black and white TV set. Although she was still a child, Nola was fascinated by his artistry. To engage his guests, he was a superb listener. To achieve results, he had prepared direct questions. But it was also the tone of Susskind’s voice that led to successful interviews.

Nola’s parents unknowingly contributed to her career path when stressing she enunciate and appreciate the spoken word. At Rutgers College she became an orator, good enough to win trophies. During her Glamour magazine career, she held sales positions and hosted public events. At Gourmet, she combined global sales with the luxury travel industry. But it was the allure of speech – the how and what it is -- that landed Nola as an instructor at Dale Carnegie Training in New York City. There were waiting lists for her upcoming classes. 

It was a natural transition for her to create Nola Speaks, a company where she’d engage with executives, individuals, students and sales teams to help them communicate effectively to get the promotion, the new job or jump-start a lagging sales outlook.

“I listen for syllables, pauses, tone, inflection and intonation. Those characteristics add to and improve the spoken word, just as make-up, jewelry, a great outfit, and a sharp tie do. I teach my clients presence and confidence, characteristics that are lasting and memorable," she said.

Nola has two daughters and lives in New York City.

“Great coaching. Helped me communicate my skill set with confidence and ease.”

— RP, Architect

“I am now confident when talking with my clients. Best program I've tried.”

— JL, Wealth Management