Executive Presence

Develop Executive Presence through coaching, storytelling, exercises, talks, and techniques designed to build executive presence and verbal confidence, get rid of nervous energy, create relationships with your listener, power up the organization of your thoughts and ideas to make people want to take action, understand the power of correct nonverbal language, possess verbal flexibility, get results, capture interest with verbal inflection plus more all while building better communication skills.

Meet with Nola

Identify your objectives, goals and communication roadblocks in order to customize the work and series. You’ll also receive individualized coaching in between the meetings.

This series will help you to find your unique voice and story.

  • Develop a powerful story that will compel the listener.
  • Use power words and verbal inflection to improve delivery of message.
  • Gain listener interest through proper pauses.
  • Become an interesting and confident communicator.
  • Use storytelling as a way to make your listener 'lean in’.
  • Get rid of nervous energy and become a more natural and effective speaker.
  • Improve vocal tone.
  • Own nonverbal language that spells confidence.
  • Use exhibits easily and effectively.
  • Improve your memory and learn techniques to remember people’s names.
  • Run meetings more efficiently and effectively.
  • Become more confident in conversation and interviews.