Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me become a more confident speaker?

Yes. A prepared speaker is a confident one. The processes we go through helps you to quickly organize your thoughts and ideas. Then deliver them with your personal style that best connects with your audience – every time.

How can you help me ace an interview?

First, we develop and design a plan that addresses what you need to accomplish. The interview process covers identifying your talking points to align your skills with those of the organization. It’s important to understand how you add value. We’ll research the organization’s leaders, especially their perspective on growth and how you fit in. With each step, you’ll learn the entire verbal piece. Being a confident communicator can turn the interview process into a business opportunity.

Do you guarantee I’ll get the job?

We want you to be trained well enough so that you are in the running for the position. However, we can’t guarantee decisions made by others for one particular job…but you might get the next one.

Is it possible to improve a sales team’s skills? 

Good selling skills involve good people and listening skills, product knowledge and the motivation to deliver excellent customer service. Together we will create scripts for sales people that are in alignment with the company’s mission and develop sales training manuals. Finally, we’ll train the employees for charismatic and confident delivery.  

How do you help people not be anxious when speaking in front of a group or at an interview?

The starting point is to know why you’re showing up. What is it that you genuinely want to share with your listener? When being authentic about the process the attention changes to purpose, more than "What do they think of me?" which is where anxiety piles on.

Do you offer skill work?

Yes. It’s a process that helps you define not only your skills, but those you love to use. When in tune with those used most often, it shifts the perspective on your engagement and creativity in the workforce.

What is a verbal gym?

The expression was created by a Nola Speaks student. Talks and coaching are part of every session. The right content and tone is needed. The proper techniques are repeated, each time coached for improvements. Similar to a trainer that develops physical strength, a “verbal gym” develops speaking strength.

How does Nola Speaks work with a client?

Normally we begin with a telephone call or an email contact. From there we decide what’s needed.

Is there a “menu” of choices – for the beginner’s job search to the seasoned executive needing communication skills improvement to the company wanting a sales manual?

Yes. Protocol for each client is different.

Do you work with clients both in and outside of New York City?

Yes. We work in person at a NYC business location, by Skype, FaceTime or telephone.

Am I covered with a contract?

We work with a detailed Agreement Letter signed by both parties.

Can I have a brief consultation session without a charge? 

Yes, of course. Nola Speaks offers a free 15-minute consultation to learn if we’re a good fit. Please use our contact form.

What type of payment is accepted?

We accept credit cards, PayPal and checks.

Are previous client recommendations available?

We have wonderful reviews and are happy to share. Just ask.