How you speak is just as important as how you look

Executive Presence Coaching in New York, NY


Nola Beldegreen is the founder of Nola Speaks, a company that develops confident speakers whether interviewing for a position or to enhance the one they have. Her career-changing techniques are the equivalent of going to a verbal gym with Nola as the trainer. Her expertise includes executive presence coaching in New York, NY.

An effective speaker shares thoughts to connect easily with their listener. It’s also the organization of ideas that creates the script combined with correct non-verbal language. Nola coaches her clients on how to be interesting communicators. She believes if they are prepared, they will be confident. “It’s not just what you say but how you say it,” is her creed.

Nola's love for the spoken word and confident communication skills were part of her successful career at Condé Nast Publications: Gourmet Magazine as the International Travel Advertising Director, Glamour Magazine, and Mademoiselle. She was a senior instructor and developer of training programs at Dale Carnegie Training in New York City for 13 years.

Executive Presence

Develop Executive Presence through coaching, storytelling, exercises, talks and techniques.


Work on curated and targeted content
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